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Insurance Company's Stand to Gain

Check your insurance

Friends suggested this:http://safestars.org

I contacted 4 major insurance companies, but only one responded in writing. I told them they could save millions in claims if Tornado Fighters was funded. They are very forthright with their settlement amounts. You can read their costs in any tornado disaster UPI or AP report. Sorry, you could before but now UPI and AP only keep their reports free for just 2 weeks.  A million here a half billion there. So if tornado fighters could exist for $400,000.00 first year startup it could pay for itself for many years each time it stopped a major tornado disaster!

You can rummage around here http://www.srh.noaa.gov/oun/storms/19990503 this is better than any UPI or AP report, though. Check out aerial photo 2-11. 

Here's what I think. Would it be comforting to know that the next time there is a tornado warning, some boys are going to roll up on it and blast it to smithereens! Well, there's about 40 million of you in tornado alley and if we can get 100,000 of you to donate $4.00 each, nothing can stop us.

Soon it may become apparent to man that he has to control everything about his world; from the number of trees in the forest, to the number of whales in the ocean, to the number of people on the planet. To terminating a tornado whenever we see fit.

(5-20-05) Aside from what you read here and in the forum I have no idea on how to mitigate hurricane damage. And it seems the insurance companies can't gamble on hurricane risk either, anymore. I hear Allstate is dropping 90k customers from hurricane coverage. That's an interesting dilemma, either pay through the nose for the coverage you know you'll need, or do without.

9-21-05,I remember decades ago about a tidal wave that hit India. About 7000 were killed. SEVEN Thousand! One day happy smiling faces the next day bloated bodies on a beach. Fast forward to last month and I hear about 700 killed from flooding caused by 30 inches of rain. Forget that they may have lived on the side of a hill and a mudslide got them. Someone said on George Noory's "Coast to Coast" radio show that the people of Herculania were quick baked by a volcanic heat cloud that went up to the sky and bounced back to earth with temperatures of 1000*. We were led to believe that the Greeks didn't know Vesuvius was dangerous volcano. I think they knew based on what I've seen with Katrina. Mass hypnosis and comfortable with were you live. They knew the levees could only handle a Cat.3 but they built there anyway. National Geographic Explorer says it's just a matter of time before a F5 hits urban Dallas, Tex. They know it like they knew a Cat. 5 'cane could destroy New Orleans, just a matter of time. They also said it could destroy 40,000 homes. Even a F5 is a punk compaired to a Cat. 4 'cane. How do you dehypnotize the masses?

One last thing on Katrina. A Nursing home is being blamed for the deaths of 30 or so in their care when Katrina flooded them. The home said they were too weak to be moved though buses came. I heard people were dying on the buses so they were correct! If this home had a satisfactory record of caring for their patients -- you got nothing! Back off, it was a natural disaster! When the rescue workers went to the clinics they reversed the order of the doctors. The doctors wanted the infirm moved first. But the rescuers took the ones that had the best chance of survival. Only the strong survive! Frickin' mass stupidity!

Thanks, Brad Mason

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