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[2-2008] Yes, even the cardinal must mutate.
.....I don’t have much faith in the Laser Beam method but I’ll try anything.
So here’s the plan: Laser Beams, FDA 21 CFR 1040.100 grades V
and larger give off heat. The color of the beam, you see, is
achieved by burning the air. They also give off some radiation
so protective outerwear may be necessary.
.....Temperature is relevant to tornado genesis. My guess is while early
mesocyclone development would require a consistent temperature in both
of the clashing fronts or inversions that start the mesocyclone, once built
the temperatures meld into one that is the tornado. If the temperatures
change the tornado must adapt or die. [Usually the mesocyclone loses
rotational energy and the tornado dies.] So we’ll try to change the
temperature the minimal amount to subvert tornado and tornado genesis.
And no more than that because excessive heat could lead to tornado
genesis. We can get to the pretornado location, with ground
transportation, because detection is so well understood today, right?
.....So let’s put 2 to 5 dozen of these laser beams, mounted on an adjustable
up and down, left and right, padded rack, inside a 48ft trailer.
And see how much damage [suppression] one rig can do. If it has any success
I think 3 of these “Rigs” could form one group. And 3 groups could
handle Tornado Alley.
.....The smaller laser beam produce about 60*C,[119*F] but fade at the peak
distances of 18000 meters.[11 miles] Range shouldn't be a problem. But we'll need a hotter beam.And the funnel may not be the target.
.....If this service uses articulated vehicles [tractor and trailer] it will
require 2 CDL drivers per rig. Federal trucking laws limit drivers to 14
hour days with only 11 hours of the 14 actual driving. This gives the unit
a maximum 24 hr range of about 1200 miles. Typical, general area, detection
times now are about 4 hours. Meaning a typical run would be 200 miles radius.
With the help of qualified spotter personnel [police, fire dept, trustees
with good GPS] a lot of the confusion of where the rotation is, could be minimized.
.....If there is success i.e. the tornado ropes out or goes back up or separates
from cloud rotation, some will try and say, “the tornado life duration
was over that's why it dissipated, you didn't mitigate anything".
Tell’em to stuff it. The last I heard typical tornado life is 10 minutes.
So we’ll try and halve that.

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