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    The purpose of this web site is to gather enough people to support the project via voluntary contributions. But just as important is the need to change outdated thinking; that tornados are invincible and the atmosphere shouldn't be adjusted. Since the US Government has other priorities as clearly indicated in our correspondence with various U.S. Government Agencies. Our intention is clear - STOP TORNADOES DEAD IN ITS TRACKS - no ifs, ands or buts about it. Even if it means using an arsenal - using force to stop nature's force - whatever means possible will clearly be better than not doing anything at all. If we don't find the means to stop this killer, then there's just no other way to STOP TORNADOES other than an act from God. We don't think that's coming anytime soon. The only way to disprove the proposed project is to conduct extensive testing. If our calculations and research is correct, our proposed project as explained herein will do the job as predicted. Should you have any questions or comments or suggestions to the project, please feel free to contact us and let us know. We can use all the help we can get to stop the terror that Tornados bring to each community it touches. God Bless America. God Bless Us All.

       My webmaster added the above. God works in mysterious ways.


[5-2013] It's been scary mild so far this year ! I think it's building up for a big one soon !http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/16/us/texas-storm/index.html ok, 6 dead is significant. [-2012-] It's quicker to use the forum for updates.

[-2011-] Alabama and Mississippi keep getting messed.

[5-2010]...This year has been pretty rough 5 mo. in. A mile wide f3 in Miss. kills 12. A outbreak in OK. kills 5. But a lady in Miss. threw a mattress over her kids and rode the storm out to her death. But the kids survived. This lady cancels out the female that drown her sons so she could get with her new boyfriend.

[2009]...As I recall a rather insignificant year of tornado devastation. Except to those that were stung !

    [7-2008]....Well, so far this year has been a horror! About 120 dead already. The warnings are worthless and/or go unrespected/unheeded. This year a lot were killed in their cars. You're always better off with something around you, as opposed to diving in a ditch, and hoping the nader doesn't suck you up and take you for a swirl into the next county, by way of the troposphere. If they say naders are coming, you need to take the day off. Until things quite down. There's no work tomorrow if you're dead. No school either !

I listen to George Noory's "Coast to Coast" driving around at night. He mentioned China will be doing some weather modification to suppress allergy causing dust storms. But then he said, "If they've got it, we've got it." I assumed he meant weather modification. But he could've meant allergy causing winds. This brings home just how little is understood about weather modification; if George "I'll discuss anything strange" Noory isn't sure of the extent of weather modification, this site is way ahead of the public curve. Hail suppression is the main impetus. France uses "Hail Cannons" and there were some tests going on in Canada also. These noisy things put tremendous amounts of heat way up in the sky to melt the hail [change the cloud dynamics]. Now that his buddy at www.space.com is promoting Dr. Eastlund's tornado modification suggestions perhaps we'll see some movement there. Of course, when I ask questions no one has an answer. Silence is golden. Crank.net as of yet can't answer one question either. I'll give them/him more time.


04-03,-06, 27 dead from storms across the midwest! A lot was from tornados but a lot was from straight line stuff. Damage from Mississippi to Illinois. With my 3 vehicle surface plan some of this could have been avoided. But this looks like a case where "seeding" may have been more effective.

...04-07,-06 They knew the storms weren't done and 11 more got killed in Tenn. Gallatin, near Nashville, $0.5 million dollar homes got "finished". Now all of this could have been averted if a mitigation service was in place. They would have been sitting on it! **************************************

11-06,-05, Twenty-two dead near Evansville, Ind.! How responsible are the local officals and the National Weather Service for these deaths by tornado? The storms were fast moving at 60 to 75 mph. And hit at 2am. If there was the typical 2 hour watch time why weren't these neighborhoods moved to sturdy public buildings? Of course the tornados did most of their damage at a trailer park. The sirens were turned on at 1:46am and the tornado struck at 1:59am. Why bother at that late minute? By waiting until the forcast was accurate to within a county or so the N.W.S. basicly told everyone to custer right into the storm! If the public were to complain that you cried wolf too often [because warnings were earlier and more general] tell them to "shut their face" because the science isn't exact enough. Most people said they didn't hear the sirens. Because they were asleep and the wind was blowing too hard. [60 mph winds tend to muffle sound] If TV and radios were off by midnight it was up to the fire and police departments to wake these people. At the behest of the N.W.S. Especially at trailer homes.




FRAN-BLOODLY-TASTIC !! 7-5,-05 No deaths from tornados for the months of April, May and June. This has never happened since they began keeping records in 1950!! But don't rest on your laurels, it seems every other year has a huge outbreak!               


         PBS, April 4, 04 aired a program called "in search of the Super Twister" I came in as the lady was explaining her house fell on her and her husband. My summation is: First clarification, are Lou Wicker and Josh Wurman different people? I couldn't tell them apart. No offense guys but I thought the program made a mistake by not distinquishing between the two of you. We had two guys talking about the same topic with the same hair, the same body structure and dang near the same face!! Professor Howard Bluestein and Wicker-Wurman pursued tornadic storms for the trigger of the tornado using Doppler Radar on trucks. (DOW) The ensuing storms were in north Texas. I watched as these highly learned, highly dedicated, highly professional scientist intercepted several tornados by dissecting the storm like it was the back of their hand. Professor Bluestein waited for the storm to come to him while Wicker-Wurman drove north to engage intense readings there. Both were successful. Can we put the myth about intercepting the tornado with any type of time constant away? Professor Bluestein goes on to say we need to analyze 100's of these storms. Why? Don't you understand now. Air starts to swirl, that creates friction that creates heat and an electromagnetic sheath that enhances orderly molecule movement, add in a "venturi effect" and a column of swirling air snaps rigid as the air speed and magnetic resonance lock in union to form a funnel cloud.

         I would suggest the next time you go through a town wrecked by a tornado you stop and put your hand on a dearly departed and ask GOD if your doing your most...

         Wicker-Wurman even addressed the downdraft as part of the trigger. Radar has recored 55 mph downdrafts in a tornado. Sounds more like a "gustornado" if it went from ground up. As opposed to the dynamic pipe descending tornado. Again, I respect the work of these scientist but on the tornado mitigation issue they'll get no quarter here.

         Electricity moves instantaneously because when one electron moves they all react in/on that conductor. All the electrons stop at once too.(Mostly) What if the lattice of the tornado works the same way? But let's add, stop a small section of the tornado and the rest below stops to. This is why I don't think you need massive power to stop a tornado, just a few good clean "Pops".

         We have more than enough info. for the hunt. It isn't like the tornado is trying to hide. There is already a solid group of spotters in place. There will be plenty of tornados just standing in a field to practice and perfect on. It's what the people need and want that will determine action. So I've added a survey page. Let's see what the people want. That type of survey is has time limit, the forum survey might work longer.




      7-10-05, The space shuttle disaster was a reality check for us all. What the investigation announced is, what we all knew...The techs suspected hull damage from the foam impact and told management. (The day after I posted this info from a TV story, USA Today said Managaement didn't know. A conflict here.) Satellite imaging to verify hull integrity was rejected due to "oppressive scheduling" conflicts. (Which is better than them saying ,Oh, don't worry about it!) >2000* gases burned through the wing--say night night! On issues like that I'm kind of an eye for an eye kind of guy. I say take funds from NASA and start a National Disaster Prevention / Benign Weather Modification Program. NASA already funds some atmospheric research. It could be a smooth transition, but I don't think NASA would take tornados serious until one knocked over a rocket.

NASA just hit a comet with an eight hundred pound projectile. From a million miles away. Then spectrum analyzed the debris for content. Fran-Bloodly-Tastic.

I don't think N.O.A.A. has the oneness of thought to accomplish such a big goal due to the touchiness of altering Mother Nature (the atmosphere) But if the sky has so much energy why would it miss a few F4s. There's too much energy in the sky now. I guess I can understand their timidness toward tornados. They became weatherman because you're  happy with life and never thought you would have to fix anything about it. With weather you can mostly just observe and try to predict. Maybe come up with some hi-tech contraptions to better forecast with.

     The responses I've seen go the gambit from positive to you're insane to I'm scamming. I can deal with the insane remarks, lord knows I'm swinging for the fences, but scamming?! What more can I do, I said I won't keep the deposits, I'm wide open here. If you think I'm scamming, why don't you come get a little bit. I'm easy to find. This is not the place for my hostile bitterness, there are other forums. I'll check myself. But I feel like that elected official that wanted to nuke the Iraqis during Desert Storm. A good cause, ( saving American lives ) and probably more support than we want to admit.



     I can see I'm getting my ASS kicked in the polls. I've got along way to go. I won a solid 11-14% with my rockets idea. SOLID!

It was printed that back in the 1930s Chinese immigrants attempted to modify tornados using their pyrotechnic skills. I have yet to verify this.  

     I want to thank the URL's that sent 2,100 visits to my site Oct.29,2003. (davebarryblogspot)(sensibleerection, what was that link?) There were 5,800 visits to this site in the month of October. Fark.com  sent about 18,500-visits 1-18-19-04. I wonder what the next big URL will send? (doesn't look like there's anything bigger than Fark)

       About the forum, rummage around, your on your own. I have to insist on email culpability due to the nature of things.


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